What are some of the best Italian movies of the last 30 years?
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What Italian movies am I missing out on? I'm familiar with the post-war classics, but it's hard to come by more modern stuff in the States.

DVD region is not an issue for me; English subtitle availability is nice but non-essential, as my Italian will suffice. I'm not particular about subject matter or genre -- children's movies, action flicks, documentaries, whatever -- I just want to know what's out there in Italian film that's worth seeing, particularly from the last 30 years or so.

Movies I've seen and loved:
I cento passi (The Hundred Steps)
Caterina va in citta'
Mio fratello e' figlio unico (My Brother is an Only Child)
Pane e tulipane (Bread and Tulips)
Il ladro di bambini (Stolen Children)
Il postino
Hamam (Steam)
Cinema Paradiso
Johnny Stecchino
La vita e' bella (Life is Beautiful)

And as a minor subquestion, does anyone have any recommendations for online sources for Italian DVDs that will ship to the US? I've used ibs.it in the past for books, but don't know if there are any other viable options for DVDs.
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I'm Not Scared (Lo non ho paura) is one of my favorite recent foreign films - really excellent, and critically praised.
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Hilarious movie: Maurizio Nicchetti's The Icicle Thief.
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La legenda del santo bevitore, Olmi is a great director and Rutger Hauer as the lead will just floor you (his best acting ever?).

How does horror/suspense suit you? Dario Argento has many interesting movies, I particularly like Suspiria and Rosso profondo.
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Le conseguenze dell'amore
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The Best of Youth is a sprawling family drama...about 6 hours long. And really, really good. I believe it made a bunch of year-end lists in 05/06'.

Also, seconding Gomorra.
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Il Conformista. trailer
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caro diario (and previous moretti films)
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is 39 yrs too old? http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indagine_su_un_cittadino_al_di_sopra_di_ogni_sospetto (1970) apparently won an oscar too
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The Garden of the Finzi-Continis is actually almost forty years old, but it will not make you think post-war, Rossellini, Fellini, or Antonioi.

The Son's Room
The Monster (if you like Benigni's slapstick stuff)

Allegro Non Troppo- also a bit older than thirty years, this is a like a more vulgar version of Fantasia.
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Le Fate Ignorati and Notte Prima Degli Esami were good fun and both were a departure from most Italian films I've seen - both very light and sweet.

And seconding Io Non Ho Paura - great film!
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