My Mac is so hot!
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I have a MacBook 2ghz that I bought in Jan 07. On Friday, my fan died, and I need to replace it.

I already have it disassembled, but upon further investigation, when it came time to find a replacement, I have found that there seem to be several different types of fans. How do I tell which one I need, and does anyone have any recommendations on vendors to purchase one from?
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I've bought parts from and was happy. Their site lists two Macbook fans. I'm pretty sure a January 2007 would be the older (non-Santa Rosa/Penryn) model .
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I bought one from and they had it for me the very next day. I purchased my MBP in June of 2007; I think you might have the previous version. I believe yours (like mine) has a unique right and left fan so make sure you know which one you need.

You can find the model number by going to Apple Menu -> about this Mac -> more info. Google that + fan and you should be able to tell what you need.
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I'm another happy iFixit repeat customer. They responded quickly to question, too.
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I liked, had the same thing happen to me. Those fans have to run a lot. Afterwards I got a cooler unit to put under it. Keeps the fan from running and much easier to replace.
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