Obama's Magnetic Personality
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How can I replace my First Edition Obama/Biden magnet? Please hope me, Mefites!!!

I proudly had my magnet on the back of my car from the second it arrived in the mail during the elections. And I know it was there as recently as the other day (a little girl in the car behind us was commenting on it to her Mom at a red light!).

I suspect that somebody may have swiped it after some recent neighbourhood developments.

I can't find anything on his site. Am I missing something?

My girls are so proud that we are an "Obama Family" and we talk about it all the time. They're not too happy that it's gone (hell, neither are we). Help me find a spiffy new one for our car.

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I don't know precisely what yours looked like, but there lots (3,890 to be exact) of Obama/Biden magnets available at CafePress.
posted by DrGail at 3:26 PM on August 22, 2009

I'm not sure what your position on this is, but you might want to use a bumper sticker instead of a magnet, because they're harder to swipe. If you're sure it was taken, do you want to go through the difficulty of having it replaced and then have it taken again?

To that end, there are many original campaign bumper stickers available on Ebay. I also found one campaign car magnet, but it doesn't say Obama Biden, just "Vote for Change" with the Obama logo. I'd keep my eyes on Ebay for now if you really need a magnet; they let you save custom searches and will e-mail you if what you're looking for becomes available. I found all of these by searching for either "Obama/Biden sticker" or "Obama car magnet". Good luck; I hope you're successful!
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k8lin, I thought about the bumper sticker thing. My concern is just that it is going to be too hard to remove when I have to (leased car). I remember how *awful* it was trying to remove bumper stickers when I was a kid. Is it still that bad or do they come off in one piece like the static window ones (which would be ideal)?

Ebay. Hmmm. Capitalism at it's best, eh? ;)

DrGail, I've been looking at Cafe Press. I found some interesting ones there. My initial thought was that I'd buy one for Obama, since this kind of bolstered my need to give him a donation to reinforce my support (and piss off whoever swiped the original one). But, maybe I'll just do the Cafe Press and make a separate donation.
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Do you have a picture of the one you lost?
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cashman, it was this one.
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Dancinglamb, I just came across this Sticker Shield product the other day that goes between your windshield and a sticker to prevent it from sticking too much, if you have to resort to a bumper sticker and are okay with putting it in your window.
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(windshield = any window, of course)
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