I need to find an English translation of The Trojan Women in the public domain.
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Does anyone know of a good English translation of The Trojan Women by Euripides in the public domain?

I want to write an opera based on The Trojan Women. I'm looking for a good English translation that is in the public domain. So far, all the translations I've found are under copyright. Any good ones out there that I can use without fearing legal recourse?
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I can't speak to how good the translation is, but here's an out of copyright one from Project Gutenberg.

The same one, scanned via Google Books.
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Alternatively, here's another more modern translation by George Theodoridis. I used some of his translations to check my readings in Greek class in college, and as I recall they were usually pretty good.

The license isn't public domain, but it says "If you wish to stage this play, be sure to contact the author." Might work to just ask for permission to use it as a source.
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