What is being said in this photograph
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Hebrewfilter. What does this text say or imply?
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Ruach means spirit.

(In Jewish day camp they used to make us cheer "We've Got Ruach, Yes We Do, We've Got Ruach, How 'Bout You")
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Best answer: It says 'ruach tzahal', which means the ethos/spirit of the Israeli Defense Forces. There are eleven rules that are part of the ruach tzahal:

  • Military action can only be taken against military targets.
  • The use of force must be proportional.
  • Soldiers may only use weaponry issued by the IDF.
  • Anyone who surrenders cannot be attacked.
  • Only those who are properly trained can interrogate prisoners.
  • Soldiers must accord dignity and respect to the Palestinian population and those arrested.
  • Soldiers must give appropriate medical care, when conditions allow, to oneself and one's enemy.
  • Pillaging is absolutely and totally illegal.
  • Soldiers must show proper respect for religious and cultural sites and artifacts.
  • Soldiers must protect international aid workers, including their property and vehicles.
  • Soldiers must report all violations of this code.

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    Oh, and the Hebrew writing translates to Ruach Tzahal, which is "Spirit of the IDF" (Israel Defense Force)
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