Excel 2007 file for Hacker's Diet
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Where can I find a 2007 compatible excel file for the Hacker's Diet?

For those who don't know about the Hackers' diet: see here

So you can get the chart tools for all of the other previous versions of Excel here, has anyone made a version compatible with Excel 2007? Where can I grab it?
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Any of those should open just fine with 2007. If it makes you feel better, get the 2003 one.
posted by Cat Pie Hurts at 12:22 PM on August 21, 2009

Perhaps related, one of my coworkers was having issues opening an excel file involving macros created in a previous version of Excel. This link helped resolve those issues.

As a sidenote, I'm using the hacker's diet's web app, which I find to be more than sufficient (and accessible anywhere).
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weird. the web app sign-in doesn't work from my iphone.
posted by rmd1023 at 1:19 PM on August 21, 2009

Response by poster: Cat Pie Hurts: The file opens fine, but the macro code to generate the graphs messes up.

jangie: Thanks for the link--I've enabled the macros for sure (I can generate excel tables, but the graphs mess up).

Yeah, looks like I might use the web app instead, just wondering if anyone already had a 2007 compatible file lying around somewhere.
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