Sounds similar to The White Stripes?
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Help me expand my taste in music! I mostly listen to hip hop, R&B, soul music. I'm a child of the 80's and no matter how ridiculous some of the music is it still has a hold on me. I guess I am a sucker for catchy beat. Anyway, I've always had a thing for The White Stripes. Whatever they are doing with that drum and guitar - I LOVE it. Seven Nation Army and Little Cream Soda just do it for me. When I hear it I just can't stay still. Can you recommend some other artists or bands that I might like? Thanks!
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Jack White's new band is called The Dead Weather, and has a very similar sound to the WS, but sort of fuller. I like it very much. You might perhaps also like Arctic Monkeys and the Strokes.
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Jack White has said that one of his inspirations for the White Stripes was a drum- and guitar-duo called Flat Duo Jets. I think there was a MeFi post about Dexter Romweber from FDJ not too long ago, but I'm in a hurry and too lazy to look for it. Also, try Dan Sartain!
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Not exactly sure what genre you want suggestions from here. If you like the minimalism of the White Stripes, you might like Shellac or the Warmers. If you're into their more classic rock songs I would suggest the Thin Lizzy albums 'Vagabonds of the Western World' and 'Jailbreak.' If you're looking for contemporary artists with a bit of 80s influence I would recommend Cody Chesnutt, Jamie Lidell, or M.I.A.
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Try Pandora, put in the songs you like to "seed" the radio stations. Listen to the goodness, and record the goodness that you enjoy!

Later, you can use that goodness to seed the stations and see where they take you.
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Spend some time listening to Pandora. Create/tune into the The White Stripes channel and you'll be amazed at what else is played.
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I meant "record" in the write-down/remember sense of the word (so you can keep track of what you like and find it later) not in the "this site has the functionality to allow you to replay these songs later at your whim" sense of the word.
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The White Stripes cover Son House's Death Letter, so maybe you'd like Son House.
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Try the Black Keys. It's like the White Stripes minus the megalomania.
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Over the past couple days, I've been discovering some swell new-to-me music by exploring the Pitchfork Top 500 of the Century, as posted by bardic a couple days ago.

Also, you might give a whirl - it's like Twitter for tunes! Once you create a login, dial in a song that you like, such as Seven Nation Army or Little Cream Soda. You'll then be prompted with a list of other users who post similar stuff and might have similar tastes - follow their feeds and there's no telling what you'll find! The main community feed is updating constantly, so there's ample opportunity for random, wonderful stuff.
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Also, more music discovery:
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Black Lips, White Denim, (early) Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Coral all employ a back to basics rock sound that may remind you a bit of White Stripes.

If you're into the 80s, there has been a huge and ongoing revival of that decade's sound from all sides whether it's electro pop like Cut Copy, The Tough Alliance and Junior Boys or more on the rock end like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Crystal Stilts.
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Do you want to expand your taste in music, or do you want to find new music that tastes familiar?

If the latter, as others have suggested, Pandora is your best best. Type in a song/artist you like and you're sure to find some good stuff.

If the former, pick a genre you have no experience with, like metal or electronica. Listen to a bunch of stuff from this genre until you can relate to it and understand it. This, of course, takes time and effort, but you'll probably find a bunch of connections between this new genre and a familiar old genre, and you'll have a more complete understand of what you like about music and therefore be able to find what you like more easily in the future. You might hate the new genre, but knowing why you hate it is valuable.
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The Black Keys is a good recommendation on the strength of Dan Auerbach's guitar work, and the fact that it's basically him and some killer rock drumming. They tend to be straight-on bluesier (I'd stay away from the Junior Kimbrough cover EP Chulahoma) than The White Stripes, but I've always thrown them out there as counterpoint to the popular two-piece rock outfit.
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Response by poster: 3Flryan - I want to expand my taste in music based on what I know I love. Hard drum beat, guitar, fast paced. For the most part my taste is unformed - I'll bop my head to anything.

Actually your exercise is a good one that I do not employ enough. I'm on pandora right now. Can't believe I didn't think of that one.
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Response by poster: Oh here is what pandora game me after starting out with Seven Nation Army:

1- The White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button
2- Weezer - Buddy Holly
3- Franz Ferdinand - 40'
4- Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way
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I don't employ it enough, either. Unfamiliar situations are tiring!
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I don't see how you couldn't like "King's Lead Hat" by Brian Eno. It's on the album Before and After Science.
Also, do/would you like Violent Femmes? I recommend Why Do Birds Sing?.
Also, this is a reach, but I find This Year's Model by Elvis Costello catchy at times.
This probably isn't what you want..
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For some reason, I'm compelled to recommend The Dismemberment Plan. Time Bomb, Gyroscope, and Ice of Boston are a couple of highlights.

Somehow no one has mentioned The Raconteurs, another of Jack White's bands. Maybe because they're not quite as White Stripes sounding?
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Also, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
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There was a a previous AskMeta about White Stripes influences that's filled with bands that are outside the hip hop, R&B, soul music orbit. I especially like the blues artist mentioned in that thread and their influence is what I hear when I listen to the White Stripes.
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Iggy Pop. Soldier could be a good place to start, if you don't know his music -- give "Dog Food" a listen.
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You may like this 1960 song by Elmore James, "Done Somebody Wrong"
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I would recommend Wolfmother (check out woman, white unicorn, and vagabond) and The Parlor Mob ( I love Can't keep no good boy down and everything you're breathing for)
Also if you don't know Raconteurs'(Jack Whites other other band) Top Yourself it's nice and dirty and addictive
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Tapes 'n' Tapes
Jamie Lidell
Dirty Projectors
Peter Bjorn and John
The New Pornographers
The Roots
The Strokes (the album Is This It)

This is a little bit of a who's who in indie rock for the past few years. Most of it doesn't sound tons like the White Stripes, but I thought you might like some of it.
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some great suggestions in here. i'd add art brut, bloc party, cursive, and interpol.
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If you like the 80's and a catchy beat, you just might like "This Might Be the Place (Naive Melody)" by Talking Heads. The live version from their documentary film, Stop Making Sense, amps up the bass in more of a dance-y way (which you might like more), but the album version is also pretty sweet.
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*This Must Be the Place! My bad.
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You would like WHY? if you don't know them already.

Not quite hip-hop, not quite rock, but a really interesting combination of genres.
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Okay, some of these you may know of, and others you won't. I have a thing for "unknown" artists.

Brad Sucks (Try "Understood by Your Dad")
Doomtree (Try "Veteran")
I Monster (Try "Hey Mrs. (Glamour Puss Mix)")
Mayda (Try "Smoke" and "Quick as a Dove")
Santigold/Santogold (Try "L.E.S. Artistes")
Street Sweeper Social Club (Try "Clap for the Killers")

Hope you enjoy!
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You might like Little Foot Long Foot, cause they sure do rock.
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