N Californian picnic lovers, help recommend a grill area!
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Can anyone suggest a picnic area with bbq grill for oyster picnic near Pt. Reyes/Tomales Bay/Stinson?

For those familiar with the SF Bay Area, we'll be heading up north to Tomales Bay to pick up some fresh oysters this Sunday. While the oyster farms tend to have picnic areas and grills perfect for an oyster picnic, we figure the picnic tables will be packed by the time we get there.

Does anyone have any recommendations for other picnic areas (complete with picnic tables, grills, and running water) near Point Reyes, Tomales Bay, Stinson, Inverness, or the surrounding areas? It's a whole national park and state park area up there, I figure there has to be a few good bbq grill picnic areas, but I can't seem to google them up.

Bonus points for directions to the picnic area and best time to get there (if the area gets crowded).
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Best answer: I've always enjoyed Heart's Desire Beach. Secluded with plenty of tables and grills, running water, clean bathrooms, and lots of parking. I rolled in a little after noon on Memorial Day weekend, and half of the tables/grills were empty.

It's part of Tomales Bay SP, so there's a $6 vehicle entry fee. Drakes would be the closest place to pick up oysters (but Hog Island's website is a good source of recipes).
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Hog Island takes reservations for their picnic tables.

In the park itself, Drake's Beach has picnic tables near the water, but they can get crowded on a nice day.
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Response by poster: Oops, forgot to mention that I already called Hog Island, and their weekend picnic tables are booked until Oct.
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I second Heart's Desire--it is a nice family-friendly beach that doesn't seem to get too crowded....however I tend to get places earlier rather than later. I'd get there earlyish (10:30) and stake out a table/grill location.
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Stinson Beach itself always has BBQs.
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