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Are there less expensive alternatives to ScrapnCubes? I need lots of storage for my scrap-booking and card-making paraphernalia.

I'm trying to find attractive storage for my ever-increasing supplies for cark-making and scrap-booking. I want something sturdy, not plastic, and damn close to furniture grade. The cubes from ScrapnCube are ideal, but so expensive! I can't find anything else that appeals to me.

I have one wall in my office/living room/sewing room/all-purpose room that could theoretically hold a wall of storage for paper, punches, stamps, inks, my Cuttlebug and all its accessories, more paper, scissors, tape, glue.... you get the picture.

Has anyone found storage for their crafty stuff that is as functional and nice to look at as the ScrapnCube stuff? Or, do I have to buy them one at a time for a decade?
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Ikea Fira? They can be screwed directly to a wall or stacked on shelves. I use a load of them for my electronics stuff and small tools.
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Sorry, one of my links is to the UK Ikea. Just wanted to show they come in different drawer combinations.
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I use the itso storage system at Target and I love them. They also go on sale pretty frequently and have lots of inserts.
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Seconding IKEA. The Fira thingies can be painted, which makes a sort of craft-project-that-holds-craft-projects. Metacrafting?

Anyway. IKEA.
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Here's an scrapbook area using IKEA Perfekt plate racks.

The Fira I don't think is deep enough for 12x12 paper unfortunately,but the drawers could be good for small pieces/scraps.
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Not deep enough for 12x12, but perfect for 8.5x11. I've got 2 Fira thingies in my office and they're great; the assembly is a little bit of a hassle (lots of little nails that like to bend instead of going in) but not too bad.
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