La cucaracha ya no puede caminar
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It's a terrible picture, but is this a cockroach? ☐ Yes. ☐ No.

It is - err, was - about 7/16 of an inch long, had a ribbed thorax (abdomen?), and had a grey-ish underbelly. Looking at cockroach pictures here, the ribbed thorax looks like a cockroach feature.
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Could be a Surinam cockroach.
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Looks like it has waaay too many legs to be a cockroach.

why did I look at that right before lunch.
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Best answer: no
looks like a pillbug
does it roll into a ball when you bug it?
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Best answer: No. It looks more like a woodlouse to me. Too many legs, and the antenna shape is also distinctive.
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Another vote for no, on account of the legs.
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seconding woodlouse.
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Thirding woodlouse/pillbug/roly-poly. Cute little critters, actually.
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Best answer: No. I grew up in a country where cockroaches were EVERYWHERE. The shape is wrong. More likely a woodlouse.
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Best answer: ☐ Yes. ✓ No.
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This is a cockroach (if you'd like to see a BIG picture of a cockroach.)

That looks like a pillbug, or potato bug we used to call them when we were kids.
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I forgot what its called but it eats other bugs and likes damp places.
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Response by poster: Its feelers and legs were very wispish, but other than that it definitely resembled the pillbug/woodlouse/rolly polly pictured here.

For what it's worth, it did not roll into a ball at any point. Maybe it would have if I had poked it though.

Also, this is the second one I've found in as many days; both were in the bathroom, so the damp places preference does seem to apply.

Thank you for your replies!
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In DC we call those silverfish. They love bathtubs/drains.

The pictures on the wiki do not look like the silverfish I've seen though, so maybe we're calling them by the wrong name.
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We call them silverfish here in Baltimore too, but I think they're actually house centipedes.
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Not all woodlice can roll up into a ball. There are a bunch of different woodlouse species, and a really confusing mess of popular names for them.
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Silverfish are a different thing, actually. Smaller, silverier, and a lot faster. The only sort of good thing about silverfish is that if you can manage to touch it in any way, it practically squishes itself. They appear to have no structural integrity at all.
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Silverfish are different from pill bugs and house centipedes.
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We called that kind (the ones that don't roll up) sowbugs.
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You can see more examples and pics in the Sow Bugs, Pill Bugs, Isopods, Lawn Shrimp and Amphipods section of the always-excellent What's That Bug? website.
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it's definately in the cockroach family, i'd say it's an american cockroach, if it's legs scratched you a bit (if you touched it) then it most likely is, i wouldn't say it's a woodlouse mind, as woodlouses have a different body shape and structure.
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Best answer: Fun science fact: the number of legs is key here. Insects have six legs. Woodlice are actually crustaceans.

(Also, for reference, cockroaches are bigger, over an inch long. And uglier.)
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It's not a cockroach or a silverfish or a house centipede, it's just a woodlouse
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That's a sowbug.
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