I need to find a 12" iBook cover that's waterproof.
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Can anyone suggest a waterproof sleeve for my newly ordered 12' iBook? I'm looking for something I can slip the iBook into before putting it in my backpack. The backpack itself offers good protection from rain, but isn't perfect. The MacCase Sleeve says it has a waterproof fabric, but the flap only covers 90% of the opening,
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I use a Marware Sportfolio Sleeve. I don't know how waterproof the sleeve itself is, but it's great protection for my 12" Powerbook when I put it in my waterproof messenger bag. I've used mine a bunch of times, and I love it. Chances are, if you use both together, it'll be pretty waterproof unless you're caught a monsoon.

if you see this in stores, you'll want to get the one for the iBook - the Powerbook is of a slightly different dimension, and it's so tight fitting that it may not fit your iBook correctly.
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I've been happy with the ZeroShock sleeve. It doesn't particularly mention water resistance in the description, but after a semester of tossing it in my bag, I've had no complaints about protection.
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I also recommend either this or the "School Hymn" sleeve from Crumpler.
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I've had great luck with Booq's products. Sleeve covers our iBook perfectly, protects it from most everything pretty well.
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I've been very happy with my Courierware sleeve. They claim they're sized to fit Macs. I've used one with my Powerbook, and my wife has one for her Dell.
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Very happy with my Incase 12" sleeve, for my G4 powerbook. I use it both as a sleeve (in a backpack), and as it's own bag w/ a shoulder strap. It's definitely water resistant, but still, I wouldn't go carrying it in any downpours. Incase also has alot of other options.
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I use WaterField Designs' SleeveCase. Click on a different picture to see it with the $15 flap add-on.

I think they're stupid to even produce a version without the flap. But they do make a good product.
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I'm late to the party here, but for absolute waterproofing how about one of those dry bags for kayakers and canoeists? This one from REI should hold your laptop.
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Late here as well - but I finally picked up a neoprene/rubber sleve for my iBook 12.1 at Frys. Made by Tucano. I love it.
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