Help Me Find a Cabinet Please
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What cabinet would best fit this space?

We just moved. The bathroom, while still very small, is of such a configuration that our storage units don't work. We need to buy something new. Here's what I've been fruitlessly searching for all week:

A freestanding cabinet with shelves, and these specs:
--doors, preferably sliding
--depth not more than one foot, MAYBE 13 inches would be OK
--width less than 2.5 feet
--height less than 3.5 feet

I saw this one at Target, but it looks like a piece of junk and the baskets aren't great for our 13 month old kid.

Anyone have any ideas for me? I couldn't find something shallow enough at Ikea. I looked at Lowes, Home Depot... I'm out of ideas.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Check Bed, Bath and Beyond or Home Decorators. Both have websites. Also you might want to look at things called "space-savers" which are cbinets that stand over the toilet bowl. Those might help. We're in a similar search right now.
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What about the Billy bookcases at IKEA? You can buy doors for them, and they are shallow enough. I use one in my bathroom.
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A shelf that goes over a toilet is often called an étagère, so that might help you in your searches. I know you don't necessarily want one that goes over the toilet, but étagères are often shallow, like 12-13 inches, and aren't always for over toilet usage.

I think you'd find good stuff at IKEA, since they have lots of different depths of shelving, but if you think Target furniture looks like junk, you'll probably think IKEA shelves do too, so I'll second Bed, Bath and Beyond.
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This bath caddy is on sale at Crate & Barrel.
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Disclaimer:I build furniture for money, part time, but generally not kitchen and bath stuff.

Sliding doors are kinda unusual in production furniture. If cost isn't a major factor, you might consider having something custom-built. Another option is to buy a deeper cabinet, cut it down and replace the original back. Be aware that a shallower cabinet will be less stable, so heavy (flakeboard or MDF) hinged doors might make it tippy when opened.
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