The film itself shaved points off my IQ...but the wardrobing was good.
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Who makes the suit Ryan Reynolds wears in the wedding scene in the recent film The Proposal?

Alright, this is embarrassing to ask because in doing so I must admit I sat all the way through The Proposal "starring" (haha) Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. That said, at the end of the "film" (hoho), Reynolds attends a wedding and is in a really great suit.

Simple, austere, black, stylish, tasteful, and light. (Note: it is NOT the suit worn earlier in the film during the movie's eponymous proposal moment. That's an sort of drab office number.)

Is the a repository of such information? Is there a way I can find out?
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If you could post a still of the scene it'd be helpful as I don't think anyone else on mefi saw the movie (just joshing ho ho ho)
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Best answer: Jodi Baldwin is listed as the Wardrobe Supervisor of that movie on IMDB. I bet she'd either know the answer, or know who does. I won't post her contact info here (that feels kind of wrong), but it's pretty easy to find on Google.
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Entertainment Weekly does a regular-ish column on this type of question and has even talked about Reynolds' wardrobe in that very movie. Maybe that's a place to ask?
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Best answer: Geez, it wasn't THAT bad. No need to be all defensive about seeing it!

Now, was this the suit in question? (Not that it's a great shot, but at least it's a visual of it.)
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Response by poster: Yes Pyjammy, thats it! Yes! Thank you!
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Response by poster: [Also, thanks empyrean, I will follow that lead!]
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