Where should I go to develop film in Toronto?
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Anyone know any super-awesome places in Toronto to get film developed? [M.I.]

Ideally they would also be affordable. Also, it would be nice if they wouldn't bitch if I wanted to cross-process slide film. Places that develop black and white would also be great. Also, places that can scan my negatives on the cheap would be good.
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I don't know if I'd call it super-awesome, but Annex Photo was pretty good when I frequented it some years ago. It's on Bloor, just East of Spadina and services the Annex (of course) and some of U of T. I know they develop black and white, and their prices were good, as I remember.
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No idea, but I'd like to re-plug the Toronto Meetup saturday evening, 7pm, at the Bishop & Belcher!
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Toronto Image Works. King and Spadina. I have developed a bunch of B/W film there. I scanned my own negatives, though , and processed them at Future Shop.
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West Camera on Queen east of Bathurst is great. They do b/w film and fantastically vivid prints of color film. I have no experience with slide film.
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There's a toronto metafilter meetup?

I specifically searched meetup, and it denied all knowledge of such a meetup..I believe it suggested I go to New York.
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Meetup, here.


(Also, it'd help if someone could slap that up on the Grey, cuz I'm over my limit for the week.)
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pikto in the Distillery District does great prints from digital, they do good lab processing too. The meetup I think is on the 18th no need to go to New York, duck.
(on preview - just like what dirtynumbangelboy said)
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Pikto is a bit pricey. I think. Though they have a cool store and are quite friendly. I've never actually gotten prints done there because the one roll I gave them was unexposed (fucking Kiev.) Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check these places out.
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