What are these white bands on Lisa Ray's skin?
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This is a capture of the arm of actress Lisa Ray in a scene of I Can't Think Straight. What are those white bands on her skin?

They can't just be artifacts because they're visible in multiple scenes. And if you look closely enough at her left arm in this photo it definitely seems there's something there. I hope they're not just suspiciously symmetrical birthmarks because I want them too!

If they are body modifications, what kind: tatts, scarification, branding? And how do I go about getting them?
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I would say they're scars. If you want your own set of mysterious white marks then cut yourself then wait for it to heal. If I could I'd give you mine, I have plenty to spare.
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A bit of googling found a few online sources that said she been involved in a car accident at some stage. It's entirely possible to end up with two parallel scars in such an accident. Just hypothetical of course.
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If you want your own set of mysterious white marks then cut yourself then wait for it to heal.

..or wear a couple of rubber bands round your arm and get a tan.
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My skin is slightly darker than Lisa Ray's and the scars on my leg (due to repeated operations) look horribly pink and blotchy, which is why I didn't think hers would be "natural" scars or the result of amateur cutting.
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How old are your scars? "amateur" or accidental scars can definitely end up white. The process of healing isn't immediate and there may be a pink/blotchy period, though... Of course, there may be other factors.
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How old are your scars?

20+ years and rarely exposed to sunlight.
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Probably not tan lines, as you can see them in this image also.
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I remember reading that there was a trend in using white ink for tattoos. Supposedly made them more discreet.
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They definitely look like scars to me. I have scars on my arm from an accident, and they're white, just like those. I remember reading somewhere that the white color of some scars is caused by the build-up of scar tissue not letting melanin get to the surface of the skin, or something like that. I don't know how accurate that is, but it's what I've heard.

But you definitely get scars that look like that, and I'm betting that's what those marks are.
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Everyone scars differently, so while you have pink scars, hers may very well have turned white. All of mine have (accidental, surgical, and deliberate scarification), while friends of mine (of varying skin tones) have scars varying in shades from white to pink to brown. If she was in a car accident, it's most likely that they are scars.

However, as mentioned, you can probably get a similar effect from a white ink tattoo. I'd recommend going to an artist who is very familiar with how white ink tattoos look and has an extensive portfolio to show you, preferably of healed tattoos, so you can see how they might look on you. If your scars tend to stay pink after many years, I wouldn't recommend scarification or branding because you will probably not get your desired result, or it could take many, many years before you do.
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Everyone scars differently.

Scarification gallery.

White ink tattoos.
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those are probably scars. they are just covered in base makeup so they don't shine, which also takes out the pinkish tone you'd otherwise see in a closeup image. at least your film footage has also gone through color grading and it's entirely feasible they limited the color gamut to exclude reddish tones to a certain degree so the whole film looks consistent.

there are other ways to get those marks, shibari being one option or medical masking tape that supports bone structure doing sports (I forgot the exact name, perhaps someone can help?) but it's in the same position all the time and those marks would be temporary, so it's probably a scar.
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This is freaking me out. I have 4 of these (or similar) barely perceptible pale marks (very barely perceptible).

I have 2 on each forearm, in approximately a symmetrical arrangement. They are not scars or injuries and I have no clue where they came from or what they are (nor do my parents). On close inspection they almost look like a bit of raised skin, but very, very barely. I've never really been able to figure it out nor have I heard of anyone else having anything like this. Weird!!
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I usually get those when I'm running errands outside while wearing several hairbands on my wrists.
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I'll throw another option into the mix: mosaicism or chimera. Perhaps she has bands of skin that are actually genetically different and tan at a different rate/degree.

An extreme example can be seen here.

I would actually think it is from scarring, but it is an *interesting potential reason none the less.

*Interesting in this case means wild, crazy, and over the top speculation of course.
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I have a white line like that on my neck (my skin is a little darker than Lisa Ray's). It's not a scar, and I've had it since I was a baby. Just a weird anti-birthmark in my case. Mine isn't quite as straight as Lisa's, and obviously two parallel lines seem unlikely to have just happened naturally, but otherwise in texture & colour, mine looks just like that.
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All my scars look like that (IE: white to flesh coloured; no pink or brown at all). Brand new ones don't tan at all however as they age they gradually gain the ability to tan. After about 15 years they tan the same as the surrounding skin.
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