What are some interesting wedding anniversary ideas in or around Toronto?
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What are some interesting off-beat suggestions for a two year wedding anniversary in or around Toronto? Price is not much of an issue but I would prefer to keep it under $500.

Our second wedding anniversary is on the horizon (still over a month away) and I'd like to do something a little bit more interesting than the typical dinner night out, romantic walks etc.

We have a car, and we're able to get away for most weekends. We are both in our late 20's. While price is not really an option, I'd still like to keep it in the $500 dollar range. I can be flexible on this though.
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Wouldn't the fact that complete strangers on MeFi came up with this make it a bit hollow? No matter how creative we might be, you're not being romantic or thoughtful in getting advice on this. You know your wife (or husband). Be thoughtful and romantic. Come up with something- you've only been married for two years; you CAN'T have exhausted every possibility, even "dinner and a romantic walk."
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Backup plan: pop down to Niagara, room with a big bubblytub, various cheesy activities. EMBRACE THE CHEESE. Maybe stop a winery on the way back.
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I disagree, ethnomethodologist. Any suggestions gotten from MeFi aren't requirements, just suggestions the OP can take inspiration from, and that is perfectly reasonable. Some people are better than others about planning a romantic rendezvous, and that's okay. If it were my partner, while I'm sure he could come up with something perfectly wonderful on his own, I would be flattered that he cared enough to research some fresh ideas as well.

/end derail

I don't really know the Toronto area at all, but Wikipedia informs me that the modern second anniversary gift in the U.S. is china. I don't know what the standard is in Canada, but if you wanted to go the china route, you could find a paint-your-own-pottery place and then go out for Chinese food. The traditional U.K. gift is paper, so maybe learning origami together or taking the time to pen each other love notes on beautiful stationary would be an option. You might not be "traditional anniversary gift" kinda folks, but I figure that it's an easy jumping off point and highly customizable.
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I agree with ROU_Xenophobe to some extent, but I'd go to Niagara on the Lake and rent a B and B or an older style hotel room for one or two nights. The Oban is nice. Some have bicycles available, his and her ( couples) spas, etc. Theres a nice drive along the river that has loads of wineries to tour. Plan a picnic. All you need is to drop in a grocery store ( in town ), and the two of you. Theres many places with picnic tables. Maybe pick up some coolers or a bottle of local wine or whatever your drink of choice is. Theres lots of quaint shops in town too. Spend a couple of hours window shopping for something he/she doesn't need, but might like. Theres also the theatre. If its inclement weather, you'll have to spend more time indoors though.
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Niagara on the Lake. See a play at the Shaw Festival. Have a nice dinner. In the morning check out some wineries.
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Pfft, you don't need to leave the city to get romantic!
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This hotel in Lewiston, NY was really, really nice with big rooms, bathrobes, jetted tub, (fake) fireplace, iPod docking stations, Keurig coffee makers, attentive staff, etc.

Lewiston itself has some good walking-around charm without the bigger price tag and crowd of tourists that Niagara-On-The-Lake has.
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