Where can I get this coat worn in The Time Traveler's Wife?
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How can I find out where to buy the coat that Rachel McAdams wore in The Time Traveler's Wife?

Is there a message board where you can ask about movie wardrobes? Or do you know where to by this coat? Or can you help me with a description of the style and fabric so I can Google it? Thanks!
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Unless it looks very different when she's standing up, I think that's just a regular slouchy shearling (actually, it looks to me like faux shearling) winter coat. You can probably find something similar in the women's coat department at a department store.
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You can try asking Entertainment Weekly's Style Hunter. They answered one of my questions once!
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We don't have department stores where I live. we get everything online. and I don't have words for this material so thanks for any suggestions!

thanks leesh, I will try that
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Looking online, how about something like this? I don't know what this style is called, but the neck/hood, body shape, and cuffs look similar.

From the photo, it looks like they put Rachel McAdams in a larger-sized coat than she'd usually wear. Based on the way the material seems to drape, it looks to me like the coat is made of faux shearling.
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You might try contacting the costume designer, who according to IMDB was Julie Weiss. She's listed in the Costume Designers Guild directory as being repped by Paul Hook at ICM; a note c/o him might get an answer. Or not... but it's worth a try.
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Try here.
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This film was shot in Toronto and vicinity. Try Holt Renfrew.
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