Does anyone recognize this WordPress plugin? Or know how to effectively the pingbacks it spawns?
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My blog is getting bombarded by a new kind of pingback spam. The pingbacks are produced by a WordPress plugin that appears to mine the web for links related to blog content, which then triggers a pingback notification. Can anyone help me identify the plugin, so I can possibly work to block the pingbacks?

You can see the plugin in action here. (Scroll down to "Related Blogs" under the post.)

The issue isn't that the plugin is bad -- but it appears to be the new standard for use on RSS-feed scraping spam blogs, meaning that the pingbacks produced are always complete crap.

My question: anyone recognize the plugin? I'm thinking that if I can identify the plugin, I may be able to find a technique to block the pingbacks it triggers.

(Note: manually blocking pingbacks from specific URLs doesn't scale -- there are dozens and dozens of them.)
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On the basis of some of the tags it generates and the behavior, I think it's PingCrawl.
posted by wam at 6:36 PM on August 20, 2009

God I love AskMe. Wam, I think you've nailed it!
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