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Trying to locate early nineties database software that was fronted by a comedian, the names of either would help.

I am trying to remember an early nineties piece of software that was part database and part information manager. It was for the Macintosh (Windows was to be written but never came to be that I am aware of...)
The company spokesperson was a comedian; he was thin, a mustache and dark hair. I think he was in a couple TV shows but never hugely popular, just recognizable.

I am trying to remember the name of either, which could then lead me to discover the other. It is the software I am mainly interested in.

I have hit a wall in searching for this and am hoping someone has a better memory for this obscure tidbit. It was an interesting piece of software.
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Can't help you with the spokesperson memory poke, but here, at least, is Wikipedia's list of Macintosh software, and, perhaps more importantly, their (very, very incomplete) list of old Macintosh software. HyperCard might fill your description of the software as "... part database and part information manager. It was for the Macintosh (Windows was to be written but never came to be that I am aware of...)"

Good luck refining your search.
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Something makes me want to say Steve Landesberg, but Google fails me.
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Wingz from Informix? Any of its competitors?
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I remember some ads for Macs in the early 90's that had John Cleese (Monty Python) in them. Technically not "never hugely popular", but does match tall, thin, comedian and Mac. Does not match british accent however....
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No cookie so far, but thanks for the suggestions. This was more complex (up front) than Hypercard, and Wingz was interesting but the software was more GTD oriented for organization of information.

I am looking through all comedians at Wikipedia. So far nadda...

Again, thanks...
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Ask on the Tidbits list, I bet you someone there would remember
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