Advice for keloid scar treatment after HPV treatment.
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Advice for keloid scar treatment after HPV treatment...I know, YANAD/YANMD, but I need your help!

I am a 25 year old, white female who was treated last September for a first time occurrence of HPV. I had three smaller warts, clustered on the "top" (?) patch of my pubic hair. My OBGYN used two treatments of trichloroacetic acid to remove the warts successfully. But...

Almost immediately I noticed a reaction to the acid. The treatment left deep red scabs which have now formed into keloid scars. The scars total about half an inch in diameter and are very hard and raised. Quite noticeable and make me feel very self conscious when having to explain to partners not only the HPV but also the leftover scars.

I have been back to OBGYNs to have them checked, as well as two dermatologists. The first dermatologist said they would just get better over time (its been a year - def. no signs of improvement). The second dermatologist tried injecting cortisone into the scar, but there was no change.

Are there other options I should suggest to the dermatologist? Should I try someone else? I don't think home treatment can work on this intense of scars, but I'm open to trying. I'd be happy if the scars were just flat, instead of raised up with hard tissue. YANAD/YANMYD, but is there anything I can do?
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There are silicone patches that can be worn to reduce the scar and plastic surgeons can remove the top layer of skin to reduce the scar. I think they are doing that with lasers. I would seek the opinion of a plastic surgeon.
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Definitely check with a plastic surgeon. I know you'd think that a dermatologist would be an expert on this sorta issue (scars, etc.) but in my experience that's not always the case. I would even call/google/ask for references to see if you could find a plastic surgeon that specialized in scar removal/reduction.
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I have keloid scars from a disagreement with a truck. I'd 2nd the suggestion for a plastic surgeon.

Avoid sun and do not allow the scars to burn (which should not be an issue for you.) I would also suggest Vitamin E - pure, straight out of a capsule, no creams or anything.

The thing that made the biggest difference for me was the constant pressure from my bra strap on the scar. It is much flatter and is pink and not red so it isn't immediately obvious.* I'm not clear where your scars are but if some sort of wide-band low-slung knickers are an option, try that.

*(I'm caucasian; I'm not sure what the best cosmetic outcome looks like if you are black.)
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Gently massaging the keloids helps break them down and makes them soft/pliable. Apply lotion or oil and massage them for a few minutes a couple of times a day. This has worked wonders on the surgical scars I have from hand surgery.
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you can get a subscription for cordran tape which has steroids in it. i have found that steroid shots are more effective than cortisone, although the shots can be painful. keloids in the genital area can be problematic because of the blood flow there.

you may want to visit an african american dermatologist/surgeon for keloid treatment because they tend to have more experience with keloids. i have found that non AA surgeons/dermatologist don't have as much experience with them mainly because it's difficult to treat them and results vary greatly from person to person. finally, don't be afraid if they suggest radiation; i have found that to be very effective.
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