Finger-drumming for dumies?
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Tips for finger-drumming? I have a Korg nanoPad and an Akai MPD-24, and I'm looking for tips, tricks and set-ups for using them to input drum patterns.

I've skimmed some forums but I haven't found any solid advice for setups or techniques for drumming on those tiny pads. I'm not a drummer by training or inclination, but I would like to get better with beat-making.

Are there any setups or drum placements that are more conducive to finger-drumming? Should I be modeling my setup after a traditional drum setup?

Are there any exercises or rudiments for finger-drumming?

Are there any sites you've seen that focus on finger-drumming more exclusively than the Akai and Korg forums?

Are there finger-drumming best practices?

Is there a better term than "finger-drumming?"
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I have an xstation 25 and mpd32. For me the main reason I own the MPD is because it's a huge PIA to expressively create drums on a keyboard in logic. If you had an MPC it would be a different story because of all the built in manipulation possible. The MPD is just a midi controller. That said I traded in my MPC for an MPD because working in a DAW is so much easier (for me at least, some people swear by JJOS).

Start with youtube. Since you're just trying to get down technique start with MPC videos since there are so many more of them.

Also, the software you're using and the music you're trying to make will decide a lot of your technique.
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Seconded re: the YouTube suggestion. Even if HipHop isn't your thing, there are alot of great MPC-oriented "how to make beats" tutorials on there that would be helpful.

The key is that you can enter in one drum at a time, eg first snares, then kicks, then hi hats etc. instead of trying to "play" it all at once.
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