Medical marijuana use in movies
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I'm an academic librarian. A faculty member asked me if I knew of any movies in which a character uses medical marijuana, either legally or illegally. I couldn't think of any so I'm asking this buzzing hivemind. Criteria: -fictional (i.e., not documentaries) -take place in the US Of course some might argue that any use of it can be justified as medical, but this faculty member is really looking for movies that show people using it for more obvious medical conditions like glaucoma, MS, etc.
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In the Julia Robets/Susan Sarandon tearjerker Stepmom, Susan Sarandon's character uses medical marijuana while slowly dying from cancer.
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Pieces of April.
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Does it have to be a movie? The character of Samantha in Sex and the City smokes a few joints during her chemotherapy for breast cancer in Season Six.
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I vaguely recall Meryl Streep's terminally ill character smoking pot in _One True Thing_, but I'm not 100% certain.
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There is an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where the dad uses medical marijuana. If you are ok with tv shows, let us know, and I'll look up the episode for you.
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Half Baked
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Have you tried an imdb plot search?
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I can only think of Children of Men, which is unfortunately not US-based.

I think IMDB keywords might be helpful:

- medicinal marijuana
- medical marijuana
- marijuana

The last one you'd definitely have to weed through (No puns intended. Well, maybe.) to find any that used the drug medicinally, but there are likely quite a few.
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There's an episode of ER where Julianna Margulies' character helps a terminal patient with his medical marijuana.
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There's an episode of the Simpson where Homer is prescribed medical marijuana.
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davidstandaford is referring to The Car Pool Lane.
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In How to Deal (a Mandy Moore movie) the grandma smokes medical marijuana.
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I'm not Rappaport has Ossie Davis's character using it for glaucoma.
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There were a couple of episodes of Entourage where Johnny Drama got medicinal to be down with the rest of the cast of the show he was working on.
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In Personal Best, when one of the characters is ill, a medic gives her what appears to be hash to smoke.
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As long as we're referencing TV, let's not forget that ep of Mr Show that began with a visit to the pharmacist.
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Volver has a scene with that...but obviously not american
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As mentioned earlier there are a few episodes of Entourage that use medical marijuana. There are also a few episodes in the first season of Weeds that delve into that as well.
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Oscar from Arrested Development.
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