what to do on the plinth?
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What should my friend do on the fourth plinth?

So my very good friend has been given a spot on the fourth plinth - exciting! She, however, is struggling to come up with something interesting to do up there for her hour, and is looking for help.

We're looking for something artistic, engaging, unique... anything goes. She's more interested in something artsy more than promoting any particular issues. Difficulty? Her time slot is 1 - 2 am on a weekday. This will be in September as well so rain could be a real possibility. She just wants to avoid being one of those people who spend the whole time on their mobiles or staring over the edge blankly. So, what would you like to see someone do?

For those not familiar live with the project, a live webcam of the plinth is here
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Stand on her head
posted by A189Nut at 11:00 AM on August 20, 2009

Fire twirling, light sabering, glow-in-the-dark shirt making. Light needs to be there.
posted by mdonley at 11:01 AM on August 20, 2009

Tap dance
posted by Cool Papa Bell at 11:10 AM on August 20, 2009

Best answer: Get a tank of helium, a pack of balloons, some string, and a bunch of LED throwies. By the end of the hour, she'll have a beautiful floating art installation all around her.
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Do a skit! With audience participation!
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If it rains, she should definitely get in touch with her inner Gene Kelly.
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I saw a production of A Few Good Men where one element of the set was a soldier atop a sentry post of sorts. Throughout the play, he turned around in a circle, but so slowly that it was just about impossible to catch him in motion. You'd see him standing there, facing the audience, then the next time you looked up from the play, he'd be facing 3 o'clock. The next time, five o'clock, and so forth. It was fascinating, though I'm sure torturous for him.
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What about flagging, with glow sticks set into the flag grips. She could also check out the Burning Man photo galleries for some inspiration.
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Are people really on their cell phones up there?
I'd be boring, but not that boring.
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Declaim the index for the London A-Z.
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Response by poster: Diagonalize, that is really cool. Definitely going to have to look into that one!
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Purple Wig, stuffed cat, and singing the Grace Brothers theme as a tribute to Mollie Sugden? That'll fill a few minutes, it's British but we people in the States know what's going on and it's just kind of cool. And if it does rain, she can quote Mrs. Slocombe's line about how her pussy hates getting wet.
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Off a cream practice tee such as that, I'd be tempted to drive a few balls, or hit fungo to the crowd, probably, for safety, using whiffleballs or nerfballs, rather than real baseballs. You could even pack Whiffle balls with candy, or other light weight mementos for the crowd (maybe even paper "fortunes," like Chinese cookie stuffings). At 1 a.m., you're probably not going to need too many things to toss to passerby, to get and keep attention...
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Glad I could help. Please let us know how it goes, whatever she ends up doing!
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If your friend plays the drums, get her up there playing a wee spongebob kit!
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I put my name in for the plinth but didn't get selected. I always thought I'd just do a nod to classic surrealism.

Maybe wear a 19th-century suit and a big bird head. Perhaps a sewing machine and an umbrella too.
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