Underwater kids computer game?
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Another Old Computer Game Filter: Underwater treasure finding for kids circa 1995? Help!

So my memory has waned a lot more than I thought. I have fond memories of playing this computer game at school with my friends when I was 12 years old or so... but I think the game was actually aimed at younger kids, maybe 8-10 or so. All I really remember about this game was that you swam underwater (you may or may not have been a fish, in fact) and searched for lost treasures. I think there were three treasures per level, maybe? And there were rainbows - lots of rainbows. A pretty froofy game, actually - we girls played it to kill time, but the boys thought it was just ridiculous.

I have no other hints, except that it would've been played on an IBM machine - probably Windows 3.1. I've seen Metafilter identify some really obscure movies & games - and I REALLY hope you guys can help! Bonus points to anyone who can tell me where I might download it or a similar game. Thanks! :)
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Was it Treasure Cove? I used to play that game all the time.
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(Treasure Cove appears to be available for download here.)
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It sounds a lot like Treasure Cove to me. I used to play it on Windows 3.1 too.
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Sounds like that's probably the one. But just in case it's not, a more distant possibility would be Operation Neptune, where you're a submarine searching for data canisters underwater. No rainbows, though.

Why yes, I think my parents did bribe me to play every single Super Solvers educational video game over summer breaks between grades.
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Thanks, everyone - it IS Treasure Cove! :) However, I'm on a MacBook and can't seem to find a download. But now I know what I want!
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As a dude I'd just like to add that I did in fact find it rediculous, but that didn't stop me from playing the hell out of it. (and I might have been even older, or at least similar aged)

And I also seemed to have every Super Solvers game ever. Those were awesome.
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