I'd love to see this game again!
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Old-mac-game-filter: please help me rediscover an odd shareware game that I once played on the classic mac platform!

This was probably between 7 and 10 years ago. Here's what I remember about the game:
  • It involved long, lore-filled conversations with some sort of mystic or prophet. It was possibly the protagonist's father.
  • The character you played was somehow in a digital, abstracted-inside-of-a-computer world. He wasn't a human. There were many references to pixels and bits, and at one point your character is forced to jump into a blue, pixelly "bitstream".
  • It was primarily a puzzle game. I don't remember the nature of the puzzles too well, but I believe that one of them involved transforming a word into another by changing only 1 letter at once. There was also a maze involved, somehow.
  • There was an overview map that you used to travel from one area/puzzle to the next, a la Super Mario Bros.
  • It was shareware, I didn't buy it, and the locked version didn't let you complete the story. I played the free part many times.
  • It had beautiful, pixelly art.
Can you help me? I know I haven't provided many details, but perhaps one of you has also played this game and knows what I'm talking about.
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System's Twilight? It's been re-released as freeware, so you can now go play the whole thing.
posted by wanderingmind at 10:06 AM on August 20, 2009

That's it - I'm impressed that you got it despite my vague hints. Thanks!
posted by jordanlewis at 10:27 AM on August 20, 2009

I asked about this same game over four years ago, as it turns out. If you're planning to play the entire freeware version, though, don't click through unless you want the final puzzle spoiled for you. (Hint: you don't.)
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