How to say: "End of Intermission"?
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Is there a single word or other phrase that means end of intermission, in English or any romance language?

Failing that, what would you add to Intermezzo or Entr'acte to idiomatically indicate "end of…",?
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"Resumption" means a continuation after a break.
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Cambio y fuera in Spanish.
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In addition to resume and recommence, the verbs restart, return, and continue may be appropriate.

What context do you need such a word for? In most cases "Beginning of Act 2", or "End of intermission", though longer than one word, would be sufficient.
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Thanks, helpful! I was wondering if there was some simple term or expression that theater people use, or used to use, as shorthand for: "Ladies and gentlemen, please return to your seats! The program is about to resume," or for flicking the lights in the lobby, that sort of thing.
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Intermissions or intervals may also, with live music especially, recommence with an overture -- either the original overture music or a special one to fit the act now starting. The overture would perform the same function as flicking the lights -- encouraging people to return to their seats.

Theatre people would probably use phrases like "Places for Act II!" because for them, usually an intermission is just a lot of set-up work.
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entr'act(e?) (sp?)
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woops, sorry, didn't read the question all the way through :(
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