Windows 2000 max resolution issue
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I'm working on a windows 2000 pro machine that is running at 800 x 600 resolution. The monitor supports 1024x768, but in display settings, the resolution slider is all the way. It seems that 800 x 600 is the max resolution. Is there any way I can increase this?
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Usually this means that the proper graphics drivers have not been installed, so it's basically running at legacy SVGA resolution. You'll need to determine which graphics card or graphics chip are being used and install the drivers for that (going to that manufacturer's website if needed).
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As crapmatic said, you need to get the right drivers installed. You can do 1024x768 with the built-in SVGA driver if you lower the colors to 16. Which is probably not what you want.
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It could also be that the graphics card is integrated into the motherboard ("on-board graphics") and uses a part of the system memory as graphics memory; on the minimum setting this could result in low resolution / color depth. Reboot the computer, look into the BIOS if you can see a setting for "shared memory size" and try to increase that, see if your problems persist.
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It's also possible that your graphics chipset doesn't support 1024x768. It's doubtful, but if you're running an old laptop or a very old desktop, that may be the case...
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Its a Dell Dimension 4300S... I'm searching for drivers now!
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In some cases, the Win2k machine will seek a driver for the monitor, rather than rely solely on the graphics card's instruction set. This was intended to ensure that the PC could run at EnergyStar settings optimized to the monitor's recommended refresh rates. By default, the PC will list the monitor as a generic VGA display, and may be assuming the higher rate may be incompatible with specific OS or hardware-related functions.
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There's definitely a problem with the driver- it's listed as an "other device" and it won't give me ANY info on the driver at all.
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Put in the service tag at, looked up the "origional configuration" to find the video card (an ati, not integrated), found and downloaded the driver, installed, and now we have a much more pleasing desktop!

Thanks for the help guys.
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