Where can I get support for sexual addiction/compulsive behaviour in the UK?
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Where can I get support for sexual addiction/compulsive behaviour in the UK apart from paying for a therapist or joining a 12 step programme?

I have a problem with sexual addiction which seems to happen only some of the time, maybe because of physical or mental changes.

It can lead to dangerous behaviour, or at best a big waste of time and energy.

I can't afford a therapist, and I feel the 12 step programmes are not right for me because I don't feel it's realistic or desirable for me to give up all extramarital sex or kinky activity.

What I could really do with is someone to call when the problem comes on to help get me through the moment.

The samaritans helpline say it's not really what they do.

Any advice?

You could email me at anonymammal---@--gmail-----.-----com take out the dashes ---

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Have you spoken to your GP?

Advice from the NHS.
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Seconding your GP. That's what they're there for - to advise you on all physical and mental problems & either help you or let you know where to get help.
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Are you sure SLA groups in the UK demand you give up all extramarital sex and kink? Most 12 steps demand honesty, so if your extramarital= sneaking around, they might, but I'm skeptical about the rest.
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Follow-up from OP "I realise now that it seems as if I'm married and cheating. What I meant by extramarital sex is that the 12 step groups only promote sex within a relationship and I'm single and don't believe that."
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I wouldn't be able to live with that either! Most 12-step meetings have a "take what you like and leave the rest" plus they're free, so might be worth checking some out. I don't have SLA-specific experience but for chemical addictions and Al-anon there are online forums that talk about a lot of different recovery programs- not just 12-step. I'll nose around.
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