Chocolate Linzer Cookies
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Got a good recipe for chocolate linzer cookies? Specs inside.

I've made these cookies many times in past years by adapting the Joy of Cooking's Drei Augen recipe. The problem is, that recipe poses problems -- it produces a too-fragile cookie that browns unevenly. After an unproductive Google recipe search, I decided to ask people who might know. 20,000 users can't be wrong.

So what I'm after --

1. A recipe which uses real almonds in the dough, not extract.
2. A recipe which specifies both raspberry jam and chocolate layers -- not because I can't just add them to any recipe, but I'm hoping to find a tried-and-true recipe where the cookies are strong enough to hold up to the fillings.
3.A recipe that you, or another reliable authority, have had real-life experience with. Those recipe-farm web sites always make you wonder if anyone's ever actually made the food.
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These have been tried and true for two years of Christmas baking now. Last year I increased the recipe and added an additional cookie layer with chocolate (melted chocolate over an already baked cookie). This year, in the interest of time, I drizzled chocolate over some of them.

Granted, it's not quite 100% what it sounds you're looking for (though I don't see a reason why you can't add cocoa to the dough if you want), but these have been a big hit. The site in general has some easy, tested stuff to do.

(Disclaimer: Former pastry chef who has grown Too Damn Lazy to do everything from scratch anymore)
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