A slim iPhone 3G case that isn't fragile?
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Not-too-chunky case for iPhone 3G with belt clip that you don't hate?

I've had a Griffin Elan Clip since June, during which time the plastic belt clip's hinge has crumbled to pieces twice (replaced by the Apple store once, returning to Griffin under warranty this time) under what I would consider light to moderate use.

I use the swivel clip on this case to anchor the iPhone inside a wide, deep pocket on the outside of my messenger bag while I commute. Sometimes I clip it to the inside of my front pants pocket. Many of the other belt clip-equipped cases I have seen are awfully chunky, and would make both of these applications impractical. Can you recommend any that aren't too beefy, but at the same time aren't too flimsy? I'd like to find one that won't need to be replaced -- either by the manufacturer or on my dime -- once a month!
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If you are willing to consider a holster-type case, I have one of these DLO holsters that seems much sturdier than the swivel-style cases I have used with previous phones (and replaced every few months). It is much slimmer and more comfortable.
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Response by poster: I'm not no necessarilyopposed to holsters; however, my main consideration is the thickness of the case. Most of the time it will be on the inside of a pocket (pants or the back of my bag) with the clip facing out. So, no fatties!
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Take a look at the Sena site. I have one of the bulkier ones, but that's cool because it has a pocket that fits two credit cards and my driver's license (!). (It is one of the magnet flipper ones.) I don't use the clip, but it appears well constructed and is removable. The entire case is very well made and I am very pleased with it. I feel sure that they will have something that would suit you.
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I don't have a spring clip case, but the Seidio Innocase I just bought is quite nice. They sell a few varieties of cases, some of which have spring clips.
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