Opinion needed on meds and conception.
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My meds and the conception of my second child. I know you aren't my doctor, but I'd like an opinion.

I am on a number of medications, and have, while not accidentally - not as planned as I might have hoped, conceived our second child.

I am concerned that somehow my male contribution being tainted by chemicals will somehow affect the baby.

I am on:
and very occasionally opiate pain meds

I don't have any bad habits in recent years, but I worry about the list above causing some horrible something-or-other.

Anyone have words of reassurance or caution on whether or not this might affect the baby? We have a physician to cover all oby/gyn issues, but I have not discussed this one yet.

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There does not appear to be good data about the last two during pregnancy, but consider the ill effects upon your child of you lapsing into depression during the pregnancy and possibly thereafter.
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by the last two I did not mean the opiates. I would avoid those.
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You conceived -- so you are the mother?
But you are worried that your male contribution is tainted -- you're talking about the father, right? But then you list the medicines that you (the mother?) are taking?
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I was confused at first, but I think the dad is the one posting and taking the medicine.
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then I doubt there is any problem. this is an issue for anon to discuss with a doc though.
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Not much is yet known about the connections between sperm damage and birth defects. Did your meds possibly damage some sperm? Maybe, but a google search turns up a million causes of sperm damage. Air pollution, age, vitamin deficiencies, stress, breathing...etc... Of the meds you listed, Adderall was the only one that stood out, to me, that may not be so great for sperm and that's only based on my knowledge of amphetamines and methamphetamine abuse. My sense, though, is that you needn't dwell on this and I think if you ask the OB, you'll get the same answer.

I think, barring any conditions w/ Mom, your chances of a healthy baby are as good as anyone's.
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I think hellboundforcheddar has it. IANAD, but I would think that any damaged sperm wouldn't be able to fertilise an egg anyway.
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If you are in the US or Canada, see what OTIS has to say. "The Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS) is dedicated to providing accurate evidence-based, clinical information to patients and health care professionals about exposures during pregnancy and lactation. The organization serves to provide education, to conduct relevant research and to support teratology information services throughout North America." In my experience, they may advertise for moms but usually can speak towards paternal exposures as well.
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