Momma needs a brand new phone
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Boyfriend is getting a phone upgrade and handing over to me (same company). Do I buy Internet package for his account or mine?

Phone upgrade question (T-mobile). My boyfriend is offered an upgrade for a new phone at a significantly reduced price if he signs up for another two years. He is going to, so that's not the thing. When he gets the phone upgrade (to a blackberry), he will give it to me (also T-mobile) because he doesn't need a new phone and because he's awesome. I've done this for him before with no hitch. Question is: I will have to upgrade to an plan option with Internet included. But do I do that for his account or mine (since I'll be the one using the phone)? Don't really want to call T-mobile and explain this, since they might have a problem with it. I'm thinking it will just be my account, but just double-checking here. Thanks.
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Best answer: It's the SIM card which is associated with an account, not the phone, so assuming you are putting your current SIM card into his old phone you want to get the upgrade for your account.
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If you're upgrading his line, the internet plan has to be on his line as well. You could try negotiating with them on it though.
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What jzed said. Get the internet for your account.
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yes, you'll need the internet service on your account, since you'll be moving your SIM to the new phone. You could totally ask T-Mobile about this, they are just happy to have your boyfriend extend his contract by 2 years, they don't really care what happens to the phone afterwards.
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