365 days of not being able to remember
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365 days of something...argh.

I had this book a few years (4? 5?) back that was a "do something cool and different every day" sort of thing. I can't for the life of me remember the title - and googling for "365 days book" isn't really working. Some of the things were really hard, and some were easy, along the lines of "smile at a stranger". It was nicely illustrated, and the cover was yellow with black type (rosewood? something along those lines).

I'm coming up completely empty, and I know this isn't a whole lot of information, but I'm hoping that one of you brilliant people will have it on the tip of your bookshelf.
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Best answer: Is it this?
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"Smile at a Stranger" is one of the Things in the 43 Things book.
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Sounds like This Book Will Change Your Life
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seconding CarolynG with "This Book Will Change Your Life". (note: this book did not change my life.)
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Response by poster: YES!!!! Thanks so much. Totally did not change my life, either, but I was looking to find something from it. As always, you folks rock.
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Though you've already found the book you were looking for, future readers may also be interested in Astonish Yourself!: 101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life, which is written along the same lines.
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