Looking for reasons to suit up in San Francisco
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Suit up! 20 year old guy looking for inexpensive formal locations/events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I recently acquired a three-piece suit for various reasons (weddings, interviews, looking awesome, etc), and I'm looking for excuses to wear it in the SF Bay Area and have a good time. Any ideas for special events, locations, reasons in general to suit up?

I'm single, but could likely find an equally-formally-attired lady to drag along with me if need be. Ideas at the moment consist of ever-pricey musicals, the symphony, or the ballet. Of course formal events tend to be expensive, but ideally something that didn't cost an arm and a leg to get into would be great. Oh, and did I mention I'm not 21 for a few months? That complicates things usually.

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Are you a student? Rush tickets to the opera are a great deal. I once got third row, center seats for a pittance, and it was absolutely amazing.
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Response by poster: Nope. A recent ex-student. I have a handy student ID without any dates on it, but some places are picky.
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Even cheaper are the standing room tickets at $10. You can usually score seats at the intermission from people who take off early.
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There are a variety of social clubs in San Francisco - I was a member of a few when I lived there - which consist largely of young people in formal/suited wear. Men wear suits. Women wear cocktail dresses.

They're not expensive to attend. The only trick is actually getting into one. The easiest for you might be French Tuesdays. You just have to know someone who is a member and they'll bring you in.
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