I'm Only Interested In The Poster
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What is this poster, seen hanging on the wall in this ad?

The poster tagline reads,

They're young . . .
They're in love . . .

The poster appears to be either a movie or Broadway show poster, circa mid-1950s to early 1960s.

The ad is K-Y's "Shocked".

Bonus points for high-resolution images, or where-to-buy-it information!
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"They're young. They're in love. And they kill people" was a tagline from Bonnie and Clyde, maybe it's a movie poster?
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^ no, the names don't have Warren Beatty
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Googling the text shows me a bunch of similar posters for the old Bonnie and Clyde movie.
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That was my first Google search, too. But the poster names don't appear to have the same characters as "Warren Beatty" and "Faye Dunaway", and the poster doesn't appear to have "...and they kill people."
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Here's a brightened-up/resolution-poor enlarged version. Couldn't see the face above the cast listing in the orginal.
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This extensive (though perhaps not exhaustive) Bonnie and Clyde poster lineup doesn't include our target; I can't google up anything else, though, that uses that tagline. Of course, the fame of Bonnie and Clyde would presumably eclipse just about anything else...
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They're young. They're in love. They kill men.


No luck with the poster, but the tagline sorta fits.
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I would guess that this isn't a poster for a real movie since most 50s-60s movie posters written in English would still be subject to copyright protection, and therefore not be shown in a TV spot. I think they riffed off of Bonnie & Clyde with a little bit of James Bond thrown in.

If it was made specifically for the ad, they might be willing to sell you a print.

You could check with the agency who made the ad - It's MotherNY and the phone # is (212) 254-2800. If you call, you might want to ask for a person who worked on the ad - maybe a creative director? The list of people who made the ad is on the bottom of this page: http://campaignlive.co.uk/thework/news/898357/K-Y-Intense-Mother-NY/.
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Ask for a person by name if you call, I mean, so they don't just think you're some random schlub.
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Coming up empty here. The taglines at IMDb don't lead to any likely movies. I checked out Eating Raoul, but nope.
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I also think it's a mockup and a play on various themes in 60s movies. Half the tagline from B&C, the color scheme from Honeymoon Killers, the broken body and square lines of some of Saul Bass' work...
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It is a "made-up" poster done in the style of graphic designer Saul Bass (famous for kinetic type and bold black and red graphics for film).
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Maybe it's something to do with Natural Born Killers? Looking at the art here for the director's cut, it looks similar.
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I agree that it's just a pastiche of Saul Bass, a mock-up done for an ad for an adult product. If they had put a real poster on the wall in the set, they would have had to secure permission first, and given the product it may not have been forthcoming.
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