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I want to buy a gift to this old lady.

But I am a cat person and never had a dog in my life, so I have no idea what to do. This little lady is quite old I think, and as far as I know she is not very active and sleeps a lot.
So any suggestions? Any response is appreciated!
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Frosty Paws -- if you are near enough to bring an "ice cream" treat by.

Her owner would probably appreciate a gift cert to a groomer; long haired dogs need trips all the time.
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My little old lady received a heated bed for Christmas last year. From Petco, I think, and around $70.
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I would suggest a nice bed, but they can be rather expensive.

Good quality, expensive treats are always welcome for our Toby-dog.
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This is a nice and very thoughtful thing you are doing, and I'm sure that both the dog and her owner will be very appreciative. Here are my suggestions:

It doesn't sound like most toys would hold much interest for her, although even old dogs often enjoys fleecy stuffed animals, especially if they have squeakers in them.

She might also like a little blanket all her own. Many dogs like bunching them up as a "nest" to sleep on, but it could also be used to keep her warm when she sleeps.

Another possibility would be some sort of treat. Even though (or perhaps because) they are disgusting, freeze-dried liver or freeze-dried lamb lung seem to drive even finicky eaters into a frenzy (in a good way).
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How rude of me, not to provide links.

Freeze-dried liver treats

Freeze-dried lamb lung


fleecy stuffed toy
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Shih Tzu! So cute.

I have definitely found that dogs like snuggly blankets to cozy up with. They can be even better than traditional beds because they can bunch them up and make them all nest-like. Fleece is soft and washable. You could find a cute one in a pet store, or even at a big-box store and maybe get her name embroidered? That would definitely please her and her owner (who I'm guessing you're also trying to impress!).
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My dogs liked having a heated insert in their beds as they got older. I used a SnuggleSafe which lasted all day and has no electrical cords to gnaw on.
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I second the gift certificate to a groomer, if something like that is possible. If a friend gave me one it would make me very, very happy. And although the dog might not appreciate being shampooed and clipped and blow-dried, grooming for growing-hair type dogs isn't just a vanity thing, it's also very much linked to their physical well-being (matted fur=skin irritation). Food and treats, unless you know for sure that she has no allergies or restrictions in her diet, could be a hit-or-miss thing, I think. And for what it's worth, I am the proud owner of a middle-aged dog with zero interest in toys. How about a nice new collar (and a matching leash if she goes for walks)? A red one would look pretty against her black and white fur.
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iconomy gave my dog this swinger bunny, which she (my dog, not iconomy as far as I know) carried around everywhere, everywhere and loved to death. Literally. She loved to kill it. And then sleep with it.

ridiculously cute pix here.

Definitely the most successful toy ever for our girl, who is usually a bit meh about playthings that don't happen to have food stuffed inside them.
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None of our Shih Tzu's or Lhaso Apso's have ever really been interested in toys but they do need a lot of grooming. If you don't want to go the gift certificate route - how about a nice set of grooming brushes and maybe some little treats for after their use ;)
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Seconding the Frosty Paws - at Walmart, in the human ice cream treat section. My 16-year-old border collie was just introduced to them a few months ago, and he's got a new spring in his step every time he hears the freezer door open now.
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Wow, I had no idea that this many options were available. I think I will go with the blanket. The other options seemed a bit risky actually. I don't want to buy food if she is on a special diet, or a grooming gift card if she already has a groomer that she goes regularly or a special set that she is used to.

@radioamy, if I could directly give the gift to the old lady, I definitely would (and this is sort of a good-bye gift), I'm not a huge fan of dogs but I really like this one :)
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I think a grooming gift certificate would be a nice idea for, say, someone who was older and had trouble taking care of their dog...but if someone gave me one for my dog I'd wonder if they were trying to send a message ("Hey your dog is stinky!").
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The blanket is a great choice. And, by the insightfulness of your answers, if you ever lean towards the dog side, you would make a great owner.
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My dog's favorite bed/blanket was a sheepskin from Ikea. It's super luxe, doesn't overheat, and I've thrown it in the washer and dryer with no issues. Mostly I just vacuum it.
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I think the blanket will work out great. You mentioned it's kind of a goodbye gift. Perhaps her guardian can keep it as a memory of her when she's moved on?

In the meantime, the old girl will have a great time making a burrito out of herself with it. :-)
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