graduation party location in SF
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So I'm planning a big party in the SF Bay area for a friend's graduation (he graduates in the off-cycle - January). But I need a place. (follow me to the party -->)

I'll have about 30 people (late 20's) on a weekend evening and they'll want to drink and eat but yet be able to talk and socialize and so on. A loungey-type club would be great but I'm worried it would be too crowded with other peeps since it will be the weekend. You can't make reservations on something like that, right? I have no idea where to go with this. I'm ignorant when it comes to party planning but I want this to be really something great. Help, I want it to be a cool shindig!
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i know you can rent out the basement at lipo lounge (in chinatown). think it costs like $300 or something. all sorts of places will close for private parties, you just usually have to reach a minimum drinking tab or pay the dfifference. If your friends are big drinkers this shouldn't be a huge problem (if each of the thirty drops like $20, i'm sure you'd probably meet the tab for the place).

look through the guardian or something and some of the bar ads should mention if they're available for private parties.
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You might be able to reserve the back room at Cha Cha Cha on Mission... Good food and drink to be had there. If you start early, you might be able to work out something with Jupiter in Berkeley, although that can get crowded. Bruno's if it is still open might be a good place, especially if there is no show there that night. Nota bene, I've not lived in SF for a few years...
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Response by poster: That is exactly the kind of deal I'm looking for. THANK YOU FISHFUCKER! (BTW how is the Lipo Lounge? - never been there . . . )


Cha Cha Cha would be cool, I'd be surprised if you could rent out the back room but I'll call them. Jupiters - maybe upstairs? That could be good, I've been there once and it had a nice vibe.
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Here are some other ideas, at different price points:
-Bruno's-- definitely lounge-y, and they may give you a section in the large dining room
-xyz in the w hotel (but $$$)
-Mecca has a private room, very cool space (also pricey)
-Bissap Baobab-- cool covered patio space and yummy drinks
- La Rondalla-- hipster Mission crowd, cheap Mexican food and lethal margaritas
- and I was jsut reading about this place

If I think of others, I'll post again.
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Julie's Supper Club in SOMA has a room you can reserve. It might be cheaper than a place like Mecca.
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lipo lounge is alright. parking sucks ass around there though, everyone will have to taxi out there. the top side is pretty dive-y and the basement is, well, a fuckin' basement. it's not much good unless you're renting it out to do a club night, which is what everyone i've seen has always done. it might not be the best choice for your situation.

la rondalla has crazy cheap margaritas that'll destroy your stomach.

i don't think jupiter rents out/reserves their upstairs, mostly because those sections are meant for food service -- if they do, there's probably little chance of that happening in winter, because it's not like their other customers are going to have anywhere else to go. i could give my friend a call, though (he worked there for several years).

i'd just recommend taking over a fuckin' bar -- why pay/guarantee a certain drinking tab? if there's 30 of you, just make sure the bar is open, and go to it. Effectively, you're gonna make it a private party just by numbers alone.

Go to the Attic or something -- you could fill that place up easy.
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