How do I announce my marriage to alumni of a school that my spouse dropped out of?
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What is the etiquette for writing class notes involving students who didn't graduate?

Mr. Shotglass and I met in college years ago and I'd like to include a blurb about our recent nuptials in the alumni magazine. Twist is, I graduated from that school while my Mr. transferred elsewhere. How do I denote that he was in fact a student at that school some point when I can't write in his major and graduation year?
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Best answer: Most alumni publications I've seen would say "Mr. Shotglass (attended)".
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Chances are, the magazine will have a style guide that they will apply when they copyedit your submission. I would send it this way:

Mrs. Shotglass 'XX and Mr. Shotglass 'XX (transferred to Otherschool 'XX)
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I've seen it as "Mrs. Shotglass 'XX and Mr. Shotglass (attended 'XX01-'XX03)."
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I've also seen "ex class of '05."
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I attended the University of Wisconsin, and our alumni magazine uses the letter 'x' before the intended graduation year for non-graduates (whether in school or not). So, if your name is Alice and your husband's is Bob, you were in the same class, and you graduated in 1995, I believe you would be "Alice Shotglass '95 and Bob Shotglass x'95".

As ochedraco points out, however, the editors will most likely reformat your submission to conform with their practice. I suppose you could call or write them to check, if you want to be sure.
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Response by poster: As a follow up I used the "Mr Shotglass (attended)" when I submitted the notice. However, the (attended) was removed in printing. Oh well.
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