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Access 2003 transfer text method oddity: Why is the character "#" being replaced with "." in my column heading?

I am finishing a data-export widget which takes a set of records and writes them out to a date-and-time-stamped filenamed text file. I am using Access 2003. Everything is working swimmingly except one thing.

I am using the TransferText method within a VBA routine to export the output of a query.

The third-party-provided export schema specifies that the first column name is to be "Foo #", where 'Foo' is not the actual word in the column name.

On export, the file writes as I wish it to with one exception. The "Foo #" header has automagically transformed into "Foo ."

Searching MSDN for instances of "#" or "." is a hopeless endeavor as I am sure you will appreciate. Any insights?

I have tried escaping the "#" in various ways. I have not yet tried entering it via code. I am off to research using character codes and escaping data in and out of Access and will check back here near the end of my workday, about three hours from now.
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Looks like an extensive discussion of this - behind a paywall:
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Some info on the # character in Access. As suspected, it is a reserved character for certain things:
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The point is moot: client just okayed using "Number" instead of "#" in colhead. Thankfully.
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