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Where online can I buy a fitted high quality ballcap with an extra long bill?

Occasionally I see more or less traditional modern ballcaps with a luxuriously long bill. Not extreme or anything just an inch or two, maybe three longer than average. I have large head so this look is more proportional for me. I live on an island so online is probably the way to go. Any ideas?
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J Peterman's stories are often better than their products, but they do offer this, and it's currently on sale.
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Thanks for that but not what quite what I'm looking for. I'm thinking more authentically baseball style. Nascar drivers caps come to mind too. Their caps when they put on a cap after a race have the longer bill. The versions of their caps in stores however do not. I'm not looking for a logoed cap or a NASCAR cap per se. A blank cap in that style; black preferably. Occasionally I see people with them especially on television but they are rare and elusive to find. I know sports stars get custom swag but there must be somewhere that has them for ordinary folk.
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Here's some

Here's some more
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This is similar to what you want, although the bill may be too long and it comes in Navy Blue, but not black. I do know that caps with long bills are marketed as fishing caps, so that might help your search.
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Fitted high quality ballcap

Look no further. Extra-long bills are not listed on their site, but everything they do is hand-made, and I have no doubts they could do it.
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Thank you Clorox and all who took the time to answer.
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