Looking for a gym-type audio headphone system for my treadmill & tv at home...
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Looking for a gym-type wireless headphone system for my treadmill & TV at home...

I'd like to set up a system on my treadmill similar to ones you find at the gym so that I can watch the TV and listen to it via my own headphones plugged into a receiver unit attached to the treadmill.

I've kind of looked into wireless headphones but the ones I've seen are all huge and clunky - not appropriate for running with, anyways. Line of sight systems would be fine - once it's set up, it won't be moving much ;)

I've also found this unit but am not sure it fits the bill...

Any suggestions?
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Best answer: I've used these and they work quite well. Plus you could use them for other things in between workouts.
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Response by poster: Looks great - but can I connect it to the audio out jack on my TV? Have you tried working it through your TV?

I like the multi-use capability ;)
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I have those same Logitech bluetooth headphones and yeah, that should plug into the audio out of your TV just fine, as long as your TV has the standard headphone jack. If not, you can use a $5 adapter from Radio Shack to make it work.

Those Logitech wireless headphones are great and well-designed for running and other workouts. I should probably mention, though, that I loved mine until they stopped working for no reason just after the warranty expired :(
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Yeah, like dacoit said and I should have mentioned, they work perfectly through the TV's headphone-out connection.
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Response by poster: Sweet!
Thank you!!
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