DC Filter: Good men's haircut in DC or Arlington?
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DC/NOVA Filter: Where can I get a quality men's haircut from a real stylist for <$50-60 (including tip) in Washington, D.C. or Arlington, VA?

I just moved to Arlington last week and am badly in need of a haircut. Yelp is not being terribly helpful in finding a new salon in the area and most of my male acquaintances in the area are the barber type. I don't particularly care where I have to travel to either in Arlington or DC as long as it's Metro-accessible (although I can walk/bike to Georgetown so that's fair game too). I'd prefer to avoid driving anywhere in the godawful mess of Northern Virginia outside of the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor. Thanks!
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I've always been happy with the haircuts I've gotten from Sang. She's at the Woodley Park/Adams Morgan/Zoo metro stop on the red line. I think she's in Salon Camilla.

I'm a lady, and my haircuts were $25 for a long time. I think now the going rate for new lady customers is $40, so well within your price range. My ex-boyfriend is actually the one to suggest her to me, and I've since directed many male and female friends and my sister to her with universally high praise. She's very funny and has plied me with wine and beer and my sister with thai food. Memail me if you want her number.
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The Grooming Lounge. There is one in DC (not positive where) but the one I've been to is in Tyson's Corner.

Free booze and excellent service.
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I recommend Stef at Fringe Hair Studio (yelp) in Georgetown.
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Bang . End of story.
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Trim in Adams Morgan. Super friendly people, and free beer while you wait/get cut.
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Friends have been successful with Bang, but I went to Salon Loule, which is cheaper, and, I feel better, and it was good. My cut was $30 without tip.
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I loved bang up until I started having to wait over a month to get an appointment with Elena - if you can wait that long, she's awesome, but I usually want to get my hair cut pretty much right away when I decide it needs to be cut. Actually a surprising number of guys I know go to one of the salons in Dupont Circle - VSL is one of them, and I forget the other's name, but they are right next to each other, take walk ins, and cost about $40ish (same as Bang).
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I had a pretty good experience with Immortal Beloved.

It's right in your price range (which, IMO, is a bit high).
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