Identify this Elvis mob!
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Help me place this scene from Pierre Falardeau's Elvis Gratton

I'm checking an article that references a scene in in Falardeau's Elvis Gratton -- I think Le king des kings since the author says it's from 1985. The film apparently ends with a mob of people in Elvis masks swarming a depanneur (variety, convenience, or corner store, depending on your region).

I haven't been able to track down a copy of the film to verify this myself, but the user comment on imdb makes me think that it was the 1981 Elvis Gratton short which ends with this scene (which would still place it in Le king des kings, just not at the end.

I know it's a long-shot to hope that anyone has seen this, but if someone -- a Montrealer, maybe? -- can tell me a) if this scene exists and b) where in the film it exists, I'd be completely thrilled.
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I rented this from but sorry can't remember that scene.
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Elvis Gratton: le King des King (1985) is a feature-length movie, made of three shorts: Elvis Gratton (1981), Les Vacances d'Elvis Gratton (1983) and Pas encore Elvis Gratton! (1985).


Pas encore Elvis Gratton (and, therefore, Elvis Gratton: le King des King) ends with Gratton "resurrecting" (getting out of his coffin with a puff of smoke) at his funerals. I don't recall the transition from Elvis Gratton to Les Vacances... (I've only ever seen the full-length version), but it's very possible that the 1981 short that ends with the described d├ępanneur scene.
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(According to the French Wikipedia, the 1981 short is 20 minutes in length, so 15-20 minutes in?)
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I never got a definitive answer for this (not being able to track down a copy of Le king des kings when needed), but I did read that Pierre Falardeau died a couple days ago. I'm assuming he was in poor health for awhile at least, which might explain why my painstakingly written French email to Falardeau was without response.
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