Zoomy Lightbox a la Firefox?
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I am in love with the zoom-in dialog box used for the video demo on the Firefox 3.5 'what's new' screen. Is there a cross-browser equivalent? I know about various 'lightbox' scripts, but this zoom thing is new to me.
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It appears to just be some nice javascript. You could probably download their scripts and pull them apart to see how it works/reproduce on your own site.

(and I agree, it is very nicely done)
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Yup... it's lovely, but nothing too complicated if you know javascript. Basically, you're just moving and resizing the video div (video tag?) to where you like over a predetermined timeline. Might be a good project to learn on?
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Response by poster: I'm actually quite familiar with javascript, but was hoping there was something predeveloped I could use - I'd like to be able to implement this for use in a CMS, where the end users wouldn't need to know javascript, but could just assign a class to their video. I guess I'll just need to write something myself in jquery. oh well.
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Best answer: Modal Window Roundup by Matt Cronin featured on Smashing Magazine.
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It looks like they're using a custom script on top of the Yahoo UI components.

Unfortunately they're compressing the JS so its not that easy to read, and the beautifier tools I'm using aren't really liking this.

The script is here:
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