German-owned Creative agencies in New York City
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I would really like to know which NYC-based German agency is advertising this position on Craigslist:
Senior Systems Analyst
Anyone care to speculate?
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This position administers the technology for the NYC-based creative department of a German agency. You will work together closely with, and report to, the IT department located in Germany.

Sounds like the agency is in Germany and has the creative branch in NYC.
posted by I_pity_the_fool at 8:46 AM on August 19, 2009

I agree, it sounds like the creative department is based in NYC and the agency itself is in Germany. This makes it very difficult to say which agency it is, as the creative department might be outsourced to a company with a different name. it also doesn't say what kind of agency it is, so it could really be anything...advertising, production, software company, publishing. My bet would be on something in the publishing industry, like a fashion magazine maybe?

I have to add that I have become very wary of Craigslist job postings, especially when there is no company mentioned in it. The ad also mentions 'no phone calls' in the ad-text itself, but doesn't give the company's name or phone number anywhere. I'm not saying this is necessarily a scam, but a legit company should post a name or some kind of contact information, in my opinion.
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