Scan til ya cannae scan nae mair
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I have an Epson 1660 scanner, and a transparency unit that came (from eBay) without the medium-format mask. Is there anywhere where I can get one of these, or can I make one myself?

I would be willing to buy a new transparency unit (I have friends with eBay accounts) if one came up, but most sellers seem to be based in the States, and the masks never seem to be sold. I only need the 120/medium format one anyway. Irritatingly, the EU-33 transparency unit was bought from Spain on eBay and to get a refund I would have had to send the damned bulky thing back by recorded delivery. Grrr.
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By amazing coincidence, I'm just throwing out a broken 1650/EU-33 (thrown across the room by burglars) which I think the masks are fine. Mefimail me your address, and I can mail them to you.
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