Help me access my voice mail!
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How do I access my office voice mail from home?

this is surely my dumbest question yet. i'm on vacation but i need to log into my office mailbox, and i cant remember how.

i know that when i dial my office and the main greeting starts, i type my mailbox number which is 107; then my greeting starts and i'm SUPPOSED to do something at that point to make the robot say "enter your password, then press #". but what?

i THOUGHT it was something like * 6 # but that doesnt work. i've tried # 6 * but that ends the call. i'm desperate!

i dont know what our voice mail system is. um... when you listen to messages, it says "To listen to new messages, press one, then press two." When you want to delete stuff, you press 3.

i'm hoping someone else has an office voice mail system that sounds like this one and can help me out? i just need to know the sequence i have to push to access my own voice mail box. help!

(i realize this sounds impossible to answer. but i am desperate)
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The typical way to do this would be to press * while listening to your greeting, but it could vary between voicemail systems.
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Sounds like I probably have a different set up, but just in case, when I check my messages remotely I wait until my voicemail message starts, then I hit pound, then dial my four digit password immediately, without waiting for any further prompts. Good luck.
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Can you call someone at your office and ask them to look it up? (Obviously may not work if you need it before 9am tomorrow, but worth a try then.)
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"Your mailbox is full. Please review and erase all unneeded messages so others may send messages to you."

Try *
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On my company's phone system I enter 9+my extension.
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It was always * * in my office. You really should just call them.
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For what it's worth. In our office...
1.) Call any extension and wait for a message (most people call their own)
2.) Press * to interrupt the message, and access a login prompt.
3.) Enter your extension/desired mail box (this is the tricky part, everyone remembers the extension from step 1 and figures they don't need to do it again).
4.) Enter your password and press #.
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When you're in the office, is there an extension you dial (mine is 2500) to get to the voicemail? Maybe call the receptionist or coworker and ask them to transfer you to that extension.
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thanks for all the suggestions. the problem was i needed to check it late last night, when the office was already closed. i ended up getting in touch with a phone technician who helped me. it was #6* and the extension.
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