Help me connect my iPod to my stereo!
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I have a JVC stereo, which boasts of the ability to accept my iPod as input. The problem is that I don't have the right wire for it! Can I buy one of these things anywhere? The socket that accepts the cable looks like this.

(And, yes, I know that I can just use an aux jack. I'd still like to have this iPod-specific cable.)
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It looks like you need to get a separate adapter for it.
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If I understand correctly, the above adapter is for car stereos (that makes the ipod appear to be a cd-changer to a car), while Citrus has a home stereo. Is the plug in the photo a usb port? You may just be able to use the cable that you use to connect to your computer. What model stereo do you have?
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I'm with null terminated.... does the USB cable for your ipod fit?
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It looks like you would need to get an adapter from JVC. could just get a cable with eighth inch jacks on both ends and plug it in to that AUX port. It wouldn't charge your iPod, and you wouldn't be able to use any built-in controls on the JVC, but it would get your music on your stereo.
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Is this a JVC MX-KC58 or similar? The JVC site lists an iPod cord as coming packaged with the product. Any chance it's hiding somewhere? I can't find a part number for it yet on the JVC website.
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Sorry, didn't read carefully enough.
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right, it looks like a special cable (look at instruction manual from setanor's link) on pg. 14 it has a picture. Yay. no part number. Best bet, call JVC for a part number 1-800-252-5722.
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No, it's not USB. That would make the problem trivial to solve.

That looks exactly like my stereo, so I'll assume it's my model. And, no, it didn't come with the cable. The sales guy said that I could get one from Apple. Yeah, right. This is helping me find the right track, though.

It seems that the part number is BIG80NXPS304BY , but no one who claims to sell it has a picture of it! No real way to tell whether it's the right one or not.
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No, it's not USB. That would make the problem trivial to solve.

How'bout next time instead of being snarky you actually include useful information, like the model number of your stereo.
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...I could also be less snarky. Sorry.
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a) I wasn't being snarky, sorry if I came off that way.

b) See above. I'm pretty sure that setanor has it right, I think I have the MX-KC58. Thought I was clear in saying that.

It also seems clear that I'm going to have to go the aux route, which isn't awful. I wasn't expecting the cable to be as much as $30, and I was hoping that I could at least see a picture of one before buying it. I guess I'll have to get an extension cord so I can keep it powered up while it's playing on my stereo. *shrug*

Thanks all.
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