Medicaid in Ohio?
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Applying for Medicaid- question on "other people in the home who receive income?"

The S.O. is applying for Medicaid in Ohio, mainly for the medical benefits - asking this anonymously to protect his privacy.

There is a section on the form that asks "Will you or the people in your home receive income this month?" In addition, it asks for the amount that anyone living in the home has in cash/checking/savings/bonds/gold bars, what have you.

To my mind, this makes no sense. I am not married to this person. I do help him out when I can, but I've had some rather pressing expenses of my own, so haven't been able to lately. Furthermore, how is this handled when people are just roommates? What does it matter what your roommate makes?

The gist of it is, I'm afraid my income may disqualify him, and I don't want that to happen. He doesn't need food stamps or cash benefits, just medical assistance.

Note : He works part time for a retail chain that has severely cut back hours, and never provides insurance. Yes, he is actively looking for a better position.
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I'm confused as to what your question is. Do you want to know why they want to know, or if there is some way he can avoid disclosing your assets/income? As for why, it's because in most cases people who live together share resources. You aren't just roommates, you're a couple. The assumption is that you will help him out financially, which you said that you do.

It's pretty hard to get Medicaid unless you're extremely, extremely poor if you don't have minor children living in your home, honestly. The number one reason I hear from people who have been denied Medicaid is that they were told it's because don't have any kids. That doesn't mean he shouldn't apply and reapply if needed.

As for the actual advice, if he has a medical condition that is why he is trying to get Medicaid, there may be organizations that will help him fill out the application. Or, if he is being treated at any hospital, the hospital social worker may help him fill it out and know how to do so properly to get it through as fast as possible.
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"People in your home" seems pretty clear: That's everyone living in his home, whether related, married, or not. So, that's you, unless you move out.

Ohio published a pamphlet that gives some information. For example, he only qualifies if he has children under 19, is over 65, is legally blind, or has disabilities (or if he is a child under 19, or if he's pregnant -- but obviously he doesn't meet these). If he meets one of those qualifications, then you can go to Page 5 to see the income guidelines as of 2007. If the household income is greater than that, go to Page 4 to read about Medicaid Spenddown.

If he meets the guidelines for everything except income, and if you don't contribute to the rent or bills, then I'd recommend moving so he can be eligible.
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Also: write to your local representative and ask for assistance. It's worked wonders in my family's case.
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It's been a while since I did any Ohio Medicaid stuff, but if I recall, the verbiage they use is "each person in your household". The key word is household. If I'm remembering this right, they don't define "household" as "people in the same house", but rather "people who function as a unit to pay bills, et cetera".

Obviously you don't want to take my word for this. Tomorrow, call whomever you've got a number for--if you've talked to someone there before, call them, otherwise call the general line (800.324.8680)--and ask them. Say that while he shares a housing unit with people (don't say that it's shared with you), he pays rent and that bills/finances are not shared. (Hopefully this is at least mostly true and you'll be able to produce documentation if you're asked. I was never asked for documentation, but YMMV.) Unless things have changed, I don't believe that he'll be expected to list their (your) income.

If you're uncomfortable making the phone call, drop me a line and I'll do it for you--I'm pretty good at this stuff now.
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