Recommend a scooter for a five year old?
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Recommend a push-type scooter safe for a five year old?

Our daughter is turning five. She wants a push-type scooter for her birthday, similar to her big brother's Razor. She doesn't have the balance yet for a two-wheeled Razor-type scooter, so we'd like to get her something more stable. There are a ton of three and four wheeled scooters out there, so I'm hoping some other parents (or five year olds) can help us separate the wheat from the chaff.

If it helps, this will only be used on pavement (and with a helmet and, most likely, gloves).
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My 4 year old daughter has this one from Radio Flyer. It's build pretty well, and she likes using it. It has a little wider platform for putting both feet on (compared to her twin brother's Spiderman scooter). But she hasn't gotten the knack of doing coasting like that yet. And she really digs the bell.
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I can't recommend a specific brand, but look for the type with two wheels in front and one in back. My kids got the opposite kind, with one wheel in front and two in back, and they were forever kicking the back wheels when pushing off.
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Our 3-year old boy has used both a three wheel and two wheel model. He uses both well. He also understands the limits of his balance. Yes he has had some minor scrapes but nothing that even required a helmet. You might be surprised how she is able to handle a two wheeler. We bought our two wheel model in France. It is smaller than a razor but othrwise identical in form. The quality of components and construction is lower of course.
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Best answer: Kickboard USA. My four year-old is permanently attached to the mini one.
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Best answer: Second the kickboard. No comparison.
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Response by poster: These are all very helpful; thanks! We'll give her another shot at her brother's Razor to verify that she doesn't want two wheels, but this is really a preference on her part. Like most kids, sometimes she's fearless (e.g., she's a terror on monkey bars), and sometimes she's very fearful/reluctant (e.g., stick her on a bike w/training wheels and she goes v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, but we can stick her on a Trail-a-bike and she isn't afraid of the increased speed at all).

If she does choose three wheels, I think those Kickboard scooters are really cool, and may be perfect, albeit a bit pricey. She's probably too tall for the Mini, unfortunately, (she's pretty tall for her age), but I see the Maxi comes in purple, her favorite color, so all may still be well with the world ;-)
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Response by poster: Follow up several months later: Our daughter has been using the Maxi Kickboard and really loves it. She's very stable on it and zips around the playground like a pro. The product itself is well made and, while somewhat pricey, I discovered there are usually discounts to be found. Thanks again, i_am_a-Jedi and Caviar, as I would not have found out about it on my own.
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